Black Street

Black Street

AE86 Style Roadtrip

D186 Roadtrip

Via D186

Gamble Rumble feat. Fujiwara original AE86

[battle spoiler alert]
Takumi gambles his way through the Japanese street racing scene in his little AE86 Trueno.
Battle highlights from Stage 1-Final.

Wear your passion

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Big Echo 86

MRMod - DSC_3295 Big-x1920 MRMod - DSC_3299 Big-x1920

Full on Festival!

A collection of photos from the 2013 AE86 Festival at Okayama, Japan which I’ve finally got around to sorting through.
Better late than never. If we’ve learnt anything from the AE86 it’s that this beauty is timeless. Click here for the full collection! Enjoy.

MRDSC_1451-x1920MRDSC_1733-x1920MRDSC_1734-x1920MRDSC_1736-x1920MRDSC_1513-x1920 MRDSC_1464-x1920


Dream Project 轟自動車 – 86 Specialist

Yesterday morning I got a message from a friend of mine, JC. He asked if I wanted to cruise in his new AE86 and visit a few car shops around the Osaka area. Now who am I to turn down an offer like that!

After checking out some car seats at the Naniwaya showroom, and popping in to see another friend who was getting some work done to his R32 GTR at Exe Factory, we made our way to another workshop which he said I would probably really enjoy. He wasn’t wrong…

Turned out we were going to visit Miyazaki-san at his workshop Dream Project Todoroki Jidousha. As soon as we arrived Miyazaki-san was happy to see us and eager to show us the progress on his latest project… His silver V8 5.7l LS1 powered 86! The engine is from a C5 Corvette and should make about 350HP in stock form. More than enough to smoke the rear tires of the small Hachi Roku. To fit the corvette transmission in he needed to cut away the transmission tunnel which has been replaced with an FRP tunnel designed and produced by TRA-Kyoto (Rocket Bunny).

Speaking of TRA-Kyoto, the car also features Dream Project’s own FRP 30mm wider front fenders which are produced by the guys at TRA. These things are high quality and really give the car a tough, sharp look which is perfect for a street car without having the over the top ‘bolt on’ look of the Rocket Bunny kit. The wheels are a new product from Work Wheels , the Work Emotion D9R. I’m not sure of the sizes, but they sit perfectly on the widened 86. Together with the fully adjustable suspension and low stance of the vehicle this car looks really tough! I could hardly look away from it! But I was glad that I did briefly, as I noticed a couple of mean looking circuit AE86s in the back of the workshop…

Both cars were fully decked out for circuit racing. The car on the left was getting an SR20 engine installed, while the car on the right had a 16V 4AGE with a set of mean looking Webber carbs hanging off the side. I suspect the engine was pretty much N2 specifications, and knowing Miyazaki-san it probably was. After having a brief look at both of these cars, Miyazaki-san was eager to show us one of his customers cars, a Daihatsu Charmant. This rare little car is owned by the owner of a local Yakitori Restaurant… I was surprised to see what engine was getting installed into it… a dry sumped Formula Toyota spec 20 valve 4AGE! When I asked Miyazaki-san what the owner was going to use the car for, his response was ‘Bonsai’, a car which is beautiful and unique. I don’t know if I was totally won over by the retro beauty of the little Charmant, but it definitely is a unique classic!

After a few hours of garage talk, Miyazaki-san suggested we get dinner at his customers Yakitori Restaurant and continue the 86 talk with the help of a few beverages as well. If you’re ever in the Osaka area and need to get some quality work done on an 86 or maybe just pop in for a look, then Dream Project Todoroki Jidousha is the place to go!


Dream 01

Dream 03

Dream 04

Dream 06

Dream 05

Dream 18

Dream 07

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Dream 25

TSK Factory 86 @ AE86 Festa, OIC

TSK Factory 01

TSK Factory 04

TSK Factory 03

TSK Factory 02

Good Times @ Okayama

DSC_1719x1920 MR

DSC_1729x1920 MR

Bad Quality @ Okayama

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Smooth Euro

Smooth Euro

More Initial D!

It seems after the announcement of the final Initial D Chapter, Shuichi Shigeno has come out earlier this week and announced that there will be one more manga released later this year. It’s said that there were a few loose ends where the story finished last week. Maybe these final two comics will create the plot for the final movie?

Ride on Takumi-san!

Takumi 86

Happy 86 Day!








Scans by Midnight Roulette

Initial D – Final D

The legend that is the Hachi Roku,

A treasure, inside and out.
Ever since it’s official production from 1983 to 1987, the Toyota Corolla Levin and Sprinter Trueno continue to enjoy a large following worldwide.

One aspect which has helped boost this popularity amongst the younger generation in recent years is the Japanese manga series by author Shuichi Shigeno, ‘Initial D’. The story evolves around the hero of the series, Takumi Fujiwara, and his adventures in the Hachi Roku. Since the first Initial D comic was released in Japan in 1995 the story has continued with regular releases, it has been translated to several Anime, Movie and Video Games and loved worldwide.

After 18 years of adventures however it is time for Takumi and friends to move out into the world without our watchful eye. The final manga chapter in Takumi’s Initial D adventure was published in Japan last week and the final story should be translated to anime next year.

Although Takumi and his Trueno will be missed, they will not be forgotten. I encourage every AE86 owner to continue their own 86 adventures, and most importantly, enjoy.

Takumi, we salute you!


Takumi Tuesday


Raw and Simple

Via Minkara


86s Everywhere!

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Wide Load

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86 Daytrip

Rent this 86 and Trueno in Hakone via fun2drive

Double Entry!